Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've Been MIA...Sorry.

It's been a long while since I've posted anything about LC. Since returning to work my computer was acting up. While I was gone someone used my computer ( my annoying co-working) and my computer got a pretty bad virus. IT had to fix the problem and by doing so it wasn't allowing me to view any blogs or post. Well 4 months later my computer is still acting up, but he did something and I can blog again. I don't blog from home because I only have 2 hrs to feed the family, do homework with the daughter, family time and then put LC to sleep at 8 pm. Then get LC's stuff ready for the next day and by the time I'm done I'm so tired and I go to sleep.

Well anyways, LC has grown so much within the last few months. He has 4 teeth, he rolls all over the place, he sits and just recently has been pushing himself up to a sitting position. He's now trying to crawl and it's so darn cute. He's such a happy baby. He loves his brother and sister so much. We can't pass by their room without LC stretching his neck and trying to hold onto the doorway to yell at them. LC is also enjoy his grandparent's company. Especially with nonno. They play "who can yell louder". This is something I want to catch on video because it makes me laugh so much and the look on his nonno's face is priceless.
LC eats like a pig! We feed him baby food, but he's much interested in what is on our plates so we give him a little bit.
LC has been having some issues with sleeping in his crib and staying asleep. I think it's partically our fault because we started to keep him in our bed for few hours after he has fallen asleep. A couple of hours go by and then he wakes up and right back into our bed. I don't mind, but both hubby and LC are crazy sleepers. It's been 2 months now that he's been like this. Dr talked to me about sleep training. We're suppose to let him cry before comforting him, but it's kind of hard when his cries echos throughout the house and wakes everyone up. So, for the meanwhile he'll be in between us.

Here's LC a couple of weeks ago.

This was taken last month.