Tuesday, July 5, 2011

charting again

6 months after delivering luch af became a regular in my life. every month she's on time maybe a few days late, but never misses a month. i know most women hate af, but i have to say, i'm happy with af. it's like for the first time in years my body is doing something right. now, i'm not sure how conceiving another baby will help, but i'm hoping it won't take 3 yrs.
i'm going to get into the whole charting thing again, but i can't let it take over my life. charting was serious business for me before luch came along. the hours i spent analyzing my chart was ridiculous. i was OBSESSED! i think this time around i might just go easy. i will not take my temps for now and see how it will go with just charting af and of course all the other ovulation signs.

i'm really excited! :)