Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Got An Early Surprise!

Yesterday I had my appt with the GD dr and let's just say that it was a very surprised visit. First, my fasting test came out beautiful. My fasting was 88 and my 1 hr after was 120. The norm is suppose to be 90/120 so I passed with flying colors. Yesterday's appt was going to determine wheather or not I should be on Glyburide during the day or insulin at night. She reviewed my levels and my food diary and did say that some of my morning numbers are slightly elevated, but wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. With a control diet I should be fine she said. So, since yesterday's numbers were within the norm range she left it as is and said to take care. Oh how sweet is was to hear that I didn't need any meds.

O.k. well let me get to the surprise part of the appt. I got to see baby Cee once again and baby is measuring 4 lbs and 13 oz so far. Baby is in ready position. So, after a few seconds of measuring she spilled the beans even before I was able to tell her I didn't want to know the gender. Baby wasn't being shy at all and it was in plain view that....drum roll please...We're having a boy!!! A healthy baby boy. I really wanted to be surprised, but this is good enough for me. I had a little bit of tears rolling down my face, but all from happiness and joy.

Hubby was really excited and told me that he knew it. Now we can call baby Cee by his name instead of calling him by both girl and boy name. Yes we're kind of weird.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's My 35/35

Today I'm 35 weeks with 35 days left. How exciting!! I'll be a mommy...again soon. I've been thinking of this since the beginning of the week. Hubby is really excited and he said yesterday that he can't wait any longer. I don't blame him. 
I didn't mention this on my last entry, but my midwife said if I were to go into labor they won't stop it. At this point the baby is ready go at any time. Last week I got to see baby Cee and he/she is in ready position and is looking good. Fluid looks good as well. 

Time is really going to fly from this point on. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Disappointing Dr. Appt.

Well yesterday I had my appt and I failed...again. My fasting at 8:30 came back 94 and my 1 hr after meal was 122. The norm for fasting is 90 and 1 hr after 120. Although I was only a few up they are going to treat me. So it's confirmed, I have Gestational Diabetes. When she was telling me this I teared up and all I wanted to do was bawl. I held it together and she told me to not stress over it. She told me to do another week of noting down my meals and numbers. I go back on the 14th for another test and to see what will be the next step. She did mentioned that there might be some discussion about having a little bit of insulin to control it.
Honestly, I don't want to have to go through that. I was telling hubby about this and all he was able to say to me was "don't to worry everyone gets it". Not to be mean but, hubby's words kind of bugged me. How can he say that? I was looking for some comfort and all he gave me was nothing. I started to cry and hung up on him. I spent the whole day just thinking about everything yesterday. My mind was so preoccupied that I didn't do much work. Now I have tons to do today.

Oh well, I know it's not the end of the world, but I do need to take care of this. My goal is to stick with this GD diet until I deliver baby Cee. This will help me and the baby now and me in the long run.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Shower

I just received a call from hubby to surprise me with some news. I'm having a "surprise" baby shower! His sisters, my wonderful sister-in-laws are throwing me one, but had to tell hubby to help schedule it for this month. The funny thing about all this is how hubby blurted it out to me. You see hubby can't keep a secret if his life depends on it. So, I'm not suppose to say anything, I need to act surprised. I have to admit it got me all teary eyed. I really wasn't expecting one from anyone. I had to talk hubby out of his idea of throwing one for me. Have you ever heard of the husband throwing a baby shower for his wife? I haven't! I had to explained how tacky (for me) it would be. After several talks about it we had decided to just do a welcome baby party. We were planning on doing this about a month 1/2 after baby Cee is born.
So now that I know about this baby shower I'm not sure about the welcome baby party. I don't want those that are going to be attending to think bad. I'm really sure it's going to be mainly the ladies in his family. I really would like everyone to meet baby Cee.

Oh well I guess we will decide once baby Cee arrives.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April and 6 weeks to go!!

I'm so happy it's April!! I'm having a baby next month.

So this month is also my last month working. My last work day will be the 30th and then I'm off. I'll be taking a 2 week vacation then my disability will begin. I will be returning back to work sometime after Labor Day.
I'm also going to have a maternity session this month. One of our niece has taken up photography and she actually photographs for the women's professional soccer team. She takes really great pictures. She wants to expand her portfolio so she asked us.

Here's a little quick update of my pregnancy.

How far along: 33w4d
Total weight gain/loss: 1st tri lost 5 lbs, 2nd tri gained 10 lbs, 3rd tri (so far) gained 2 lbs.
Stretch marks: I think I might of found 2 little ones on my belly. With my other 2 pregnancies I only got them on my thighs and butt.
Sleep: In 1st tri my sleep wasn't good. I couldn't get comfortable at all. 2nd tri was heaven. I slept really good. Now, I'm back to not sleeping. I'm having nightmares!! I'm so tired that I feel it when I'm driving to work every morning.
Best moment this week: This week I would have to say watching baby Cee doing the worm inside. I use to feel his/her movement below my belly now it's all over.
Food cravings: Let's see it used to be chili cheese fries & nachos. Right now I haven't any.
Gender: Team Green
Belly button: I was looking at my belly button the other night and it's in, but pulling down.
Milestone: Going pass 32 weeks. Since my last pregnancy ended at 32 weeks due to preeclampsia I was worried that it might happen again.

I can't wait until you're born baby Cee. Daddy is so excited and he's more than ready for you. He predicts that you're a boy and he sometimes talks to you and calls you by the boy name we chose for you. Sister is also excited. Everyday she says hi to you and sends you kisses through my belly. Brother is also happy as well. He said that if you're a boy that he will show you how to skateboard.

You are going to be so loved by everyone!!