Wednesday, December 19, 2012

34w 2d

gosh...can't believe that i haven't blogged about this pregnancy at all. almost my entire pregnancy has gone by and nothing. between work, home and dealing with my 3 1/2 yr old son it's been impossible to even take time and focus on me. 
well, as for this pregnancy, i'm almost there. i have 6 wks to go before i get to meet this little one. we have, well more me than the hubs, have decided to not know the the gender of this baby. i want this one to be a complete surprise. i want that emotion of being surprised. i want those 3 little words to be like an omgish really moment. i don't know, i guess i'm weird, but i really want that moment. now, the hubs on the other hand has been dying to know. he predicts we're having a boy according to what he saw at our 4d ultrasound viewing. daughter thinks the same and she's pretty disappointed. she doesn't want to be the only girl in the family lol. oldest son hasn't really mentioned his predictions, but he's older and doesn't show much interest in his mom's ever so growing belly. i had him last week feel the baby move, but he was so embarrassed to touch that he busted out with sweaty palms lol. youngest son tells everyone that i have his baby brother in my belly. so, another one leaning on a boy gender. he's so overjoyed though!! he rubs my belly, he kisses my belly and already gave the baby a name. this baby's name is baby boo boo bear. i call luch boo boo bear already, but now that he's a "big boy" he only wants me to call him boo boo. so he told to me, "mom, i'm boo boo and my baby is baby boo boo bear, ok?" awww...what a cutie! as for me, i have no preference just as long as i have a healthy baby, but if i were to guess i would guess a girl. :)

here's a 4d pic of my little darling. this was at 24w 5d. this baby has no resembles to luch. he/she looks more like my side of the family and luch looks more like the hubs and his side. from looking at the pics this baby is definitely going to have my side of the family lips. look at those lips lol.

this was my 28w bump pic. i was so excited to hit 3rd tri so fast in this pregnancy. i was counting the days, literally! :)

right now my sleep sucks!! can't sleep straight through the night. i'm constantly up peeing and what not. i can't sleep on my right side because this baby is just so snugged on that side that it makes it impossible for me to lay on that side. oh and baby moves like crazy!! moves to the beat of whatever music i'm listening to. at night this baby wakes me up. i swear it's like he/she is having a one baby war in my womb. i sometime feel like i'm in turbulence that's how hard this baby moves inside of me. oh and what has got me good is heartburn. haven't has any until this last week. it's killing me!!

i'm also going through hot flashes lol.  i'm always always hot!! our cali weather right now is in the high 40's and i'm enjoying it. i spend all day with my fan on me at work. i make the hubs open the bedroom window at night for me because i'm so darn hot! 

biggest craving right now are nothing but sweets! especially chocolate! i pretty much could inhale anything chocolate even for breakfast. my faves right now is oreo and nutella...yum. 

anyways, hopefully i'll get to blog more before this baby is born. my maternity leave at work starts in jan and i should have all the time in the world to keep updating this from time to time. so, until next time. :)