Sunday, March 29, 2009

33w1d Bump Pic

Not much of a difference, huh? Sometimes I feel that baby Cee is going to be at least 6 lbs. My son was 6 lbs on the dot and my daughter...well...she was 2 lbs. I think if she went full term she too would of probably been about 6 lbs. Oh how I wish I could find out how much baby weighs right now. 
Anyways, can I share a secret? I'm kind of jealous of those moms-to-be with big bellies. I always wished for one. But I guess I shouldn't complain. As long as I have a healthy baby that's all that matters. 

Well, have a wonderful Sunday. Hubby is suppose to do something for me for my birthday. So let's see. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Revisit With An Old Friend

So today I had my regular scheduled appt and another glucose fasting test. Well, my sugar level was elevated after the hour. I'm so disappointed! The blood work test came out 80, but my finger prick test came out 156. So guess who I have to bond with again? My old friend. Yes I'm back to pricking my damn fingers 3 times a day until I deliver baby Cee. I'm back to starving myself with the GD diet I have to follow. Oh my gosh...I'm hating it right now. I was so miserable on that diet. At the time when I planned out my meal plan I was really excited because I thought it was going to be good and most importantly, healthy. Well after a few a few days I was crying because I couldn't take it. Hubby was so upset because he thought that being pregnant shouldn't involve losing weight. So, I guess I need to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. I have less than less than 7 weeks to go.

On the brighter side, I am now going in every 2 weeks until I hit 36 weeks. After that I will be seeing my midwife every week. Woohoo!!! I have all my appts set up until my due date now. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

1st Baby Purchase

I went to Babies R Us today and I made my biggest baby purchase today. I bought this 3-1 bassinet for baby Cee to be in for the first few months. This bassinet is pretty neat. It's a full-sized bassinet, moses basket and a changing table. It got a lot of great reviews so I'm sure I will be happy with it once baby Cee is in it. 
We have decided to go with a bassinet because 1. our room isn't that big to fit a crib 2. we're only living at the in-law's for a short time (hopefully) and 3. I want to be able to move around from one room to another. 
This bassinet is very lite and really cute. I can't wait to put it together already. 
While I was at BRU I also bought some little outfits. Today's shopping was just baby. Baby Cee's wardrobe is expanding and I'm so happy!!! I was feeling a little bad for not being ready, but little by little I'm getting there. Next purchase is going to be the carseat and stroller. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Quick Update On MY BHs

So my midwife is not in clinic today, but I got a response back from a RN. This is what she wrote:



O.k. now this is not what I was expecting to do. I thought I would get an appt like tomorrow or something and she would check me out. As of now my BHs have subsided, so I think I'm going to wait and see. Now, if I was having constant pain all day then I would drop everything and go to L&D, but it was only this morning. Hopefully this was just my body telling me to take it easy and don't do so much.

Update On My Last Appt.

So last week I went in to see a dr to discuss VBAC and I have to say that I wasted my time. First, we were 10 mins late because I didn't get out of the shower on time and it was raining too. After checking in we waited about an hour before they called us in. Then, we waited another 1/2 hr for the dr to come in. She did a quick review of my chart and a quick ultrasound. She was pretty brief with us. She basically asked if I knew anything on it and the risks and that was it. I asked her a couple of questions and she gave me 1 word answers. I was so upset! I guess this was her way of punishing us for being late. One other thing that I was told at this appt was that I had some traces of protein. She said it wasn't a big deal because it was less than 1.0. I guess, but if she had took a little longer in reviewing my chart she would of seen that my last pregnancy ended up with preeclampsia. I would at least think it should be a little of a big deal. Now that I know this I have to pay close attention to my body for any other signs.
Anyways, even with a not so good dr visit at least we got to see baby Cee which we weren't expecting. :)

In other news, I've been getting a lot of
braxton hicks since Sunday. I've always known about braxton hicks, but never knew that I should call if I get 4 or more within an hour, which I was having. I don't know why, but I just thought it had something to do with me over doing it on house work. All day I kept feeling pressure on my pelvic almost like baby Cee was coming out. I told R about it and he made me sit and do nothing. Since we had his brothers over for a late lunch I almost felt bad for not doing anything in preparing lunch. It was a good thing that BIL's girlfriend was nice enough to clean up for me.
These last few days I've been feeling a little better, but this morning it has started up again. I'm keeping track of them to see how many I feel within the hour. Right now I've had 3 in 40 mins. Because I rather be safe than sorry I'll be calling my midwife in a little bit.