Tuesday, February 5, 2013

it's a boy!!!

yes, we had another boy and he's perfect! he was born jan. 27th. it was a vaginal and unmedicated birth. at 38 wk 3 day i started to feel a lot of contractions, but nothing too strong or too close to go into labor and delivery. at my 39 wk appt. my midwife didn't want to check me after telling her about my pains. she told me that they stopped checking the cervic for dialation some time ago. it's to prevent infections and stuff. so, i left with the thought in my head if i was or not. well my pains continued for thoughout the week. on jan. 26th around 6 pm i went to the bathroom and noticed that i was losing my mucus plug. i told the hubs and he freaked out lol. i had made reservation for dinner at 7 and i was not going to miss out since i knew it was going to be a long time before we will get to go out again. about an hour later my contractions started up about 10-15 mins apart and began to get stronger. the whole time the hubs was worried and just didnt' want to be so far away from the hospital. i have to admit, it was quite funny to see him that way lol. after getting home i got some last minute things done and gave luch a bath. contractions were still 10-15 minutes apart and not any stronger than earlier that day. i went to bed and around 11:45 p.m. i was woken up with the sharpest pain ever! i knew then that it was time and my contractions were going to come on stronger and much more closer in minutes. i was really determine to wait it out as long as i can to avoid being sent home like they did with luch. i was also determine to go in focused and more prepared than i did with luch. i read up on a lot of birthing technics and i saw a lot of videos too. i wanted to be in control this time and go for an unmedicated birth. around 1 a.m. contractions were now 7-10 minutes apart and with each contraction i did my breathing and i was taking each one in while i was leaned over a chair or table. i even got on all 4's while in bed to alleviate some of the pain. around 2ish a.m. i got in the shower to take a long hot one. by then my contractions were about 5 minutes apart and getting a bit more stronger. i was timing my contractions on my phone this whole time even while in the shower. the shower helped sooooo much and it made me relax even more. maybe about a little more than an 1/2 hours my contractions were now 3 minutes apart and i rushed out to get ready. woke up the hubs and told him it was time and he just panicked! i was putting on lotion and he was softly yelling at me to hurry up. by then my contractions were much more painful. i saw on the internet somewhere that crotching all the way down while your arms are on a chair or bed helps during a contractions. so, that's what i started to do with every one of my pains. after having an emotional good bye with luch we left to the hospital around 3:30-3:45 a.m. we got to the hospital and to my surprise i was 5 cm dialated. i was so happy to hear that. i did my own thing to help me focus and try to go all the way without surrendering to the epidural. i think my choice to do this freaked out the hubs tremdendously because he kept asking me if i was sure about my decision. i did everything different with this birth than with luch's. i remember being in so much pain and at the last minute i surrendered and 20 minutes later i was complete. i had no control and i really wanted to be with this one. around 5 a.m. they checked me again and the nurse yelled out that i was complete and called in the doctors. after getting all set up and everything the doc checked me again and said i was not and i was only 8 cm. i was a bit discourage, but still didn't let go of my focus. one of the other docs told me that it's going to take a couple of hours and asked me if i wanted the epi. i told her no and requested to have my bladder emptied. i remember with luch that once they did this shortly after i was fully dialated. i have also read this as well. by emptying the bladder this will help bring down the baby even quicker. i also did a lot of peeing while i was home too lol. by this time the hubs kept telling me to take the epi and i have to say it frustrated me. i told him to give time and to wait and help me through this. at about 5:15 a.m i told the nurse that i had to push and i couldn't hold it. she checked me once again and yup i was complete...yay!! at this point i couldn't hold it and i started pushing before the doctors came back in. after about 4 pushes my sweet baby boy was born!

angelo r was born at 5:21 a.m. and he weighed 7 lbs 1.6 oz and 19 inches long. ahhh..love at first sight for both of us.

here's my last bump shot at 39wks 6 days. 

he's doing so well and breastfeeding super well. i'm enjoying every minute of it. i leave you with these pictures of my sweet baby boy.

this was taken a couple of hours after he was born.

9 days old. this was taken this morning. yeah, i know he's a cutie pootie :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

38 wks...i'm full term!!

i can finally say that i'm full term. turned 38 wks yesterday and only 2 more wks to go if any. i can honestly say that i'm super excited, but nervous. i know i know this is my 4th child, but every birth has been differenct for me. this baby has been super active and i'm loving every movement he/she is having. we're still undecided on a boy's name. we just can't make up our minds. 
i've been feeling a lot more braxton hicks and my back is killing me!!! i mentioned before that this baby is very well snugged up my right side, therefore only my right side of my back hurts. 

i've been off of work for 2 wks now and instead of relaxing i've been doing nothing but errands with the in-laws and what not. i've also been having car problems since the christmas week. dealing with that has added some stress because we need my car to bring home baby. i haven't really had time to do a anything baby related which sucks!! this week will be an overwhelming weekend for me because it's crunch time. the hubs is on call, so he will not be much help unless he's home :(

oh well let's see how the next couple of weeks go. hope this baby can stay put until then. would really like to be "baby ready". 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

34w 2d

gosh...can't believe that i haven't blogged about this pregnancy at all. almost my entire pregnancy has gone by and nothing. between work, home and dealing with my 3 1/2 yr old son it's been impossible to even take time and focus on me. 
well, as for this pregnancy, i'm almost there. i have 6 wks to go before i get to meet this little one. we have, well more me than the hubs, have decided to not know the the gender of this baby. i want this one to be a complete surprise. i want that emotion of being surprised. i want those 3 little words to be like an omgish really moment. i don't know, i guess i'm weird, but i really want that moment. now, the hubs on the other hand has been dying to know. he predicts we're having a boy according to what he saw at our 4d ultrasound viewing. daughter thinks the same and she's pretty disappointed. she doesn't want to be the only girl in the family lol. oldest son hasn't really mentioned his predictions, but he's older and doesn't show much interest in his mom's ever so growing belly. i had him last week feel the baby move, but he was so embarrassed to touch that he busted out with sweaty palms lol. youngest son tells everyone that i have his baby brother in my belly. so, another one leaning on a boy gender. he's so overjoyed though!! he rubs my belly, he kisses my belly and already gave the baby a name. this baby's name is baby boo boo bear. i call luch boo boo bear already, but now that he's a "big boy" he only wants me to call him boo boo. so he told to me, "mom, i'm boo boo and my baby is baby boo boo bear, ok?" awww...what a cutie! as for me, i have no preference just as long as i have a healthy baby, but if i were to guess i would guess a girl. :)

here's a 4d pic of my little darling. this was at 24w 5d. this baby has no resembles to luch. he/she looks more like my side of the family and luch looks more like the hubs and his side. from looking at the pics this baby is definitely going to have my side of the family lips. look at those lips lol.

this was my 28w bump pic. i was so excited to hit 3rd tri so fast in this pregnancy. i was counting the days, literally! :)

right now my sleep sucks!! can't sleep straight through the night. i'm constantly up peeing and what not. i can't sleep on my right side because this baby is just so snugged on that side that it makes it impossible for me to lay on that side. oh and baby moves like crazy!! moves to the beat of whatever music i'm listening to. at night this baby wakes me up. i swear it's like he/she is having a one baby war in my womb. i sometime feel like i'm in turbulence that's how hard this baby moves inside of me. oh and what has got me good is heartburn. haven't has any until this last week. it's killing me!!

i'm also going through hot flashes lol.  i'm always always hot!! our cali weather right now is in the high 40's and i'm enjoying it. i spend all day with my fan on me at work. i make the hubs open the bedroom window at night for me because i'm so darn hot! 

biggest craving right now are nothing but sweets! especially chocolate! i pretty much could inhale anything chocolate even for breakfast. my faves right now is oreo and nutella...yum. 

anyways, hopefully i'll get to blog more before this baby is born. my maternity leave at work starts in jan and i should have all the time in the world to keep updating this from time to time. so, until next time. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

here we go again

yup, i took 2 hpts and 2 bfps....woohoo!! took one yesterday and one today. the second line was faint, but that's exactly how i got mine with luch. words can't explain how i'm feeling. i'm over the moon and the hubs is too. we haven't stopped talking about this and he said that this one will be a girl lol. we haven't told anyone but luch. we told him that i have a baby in my tummy and he smiles. we asked him if he wants a sister or a brother and he said a sister. we're going to wait until i'm done with my 1st trimester before spreading the news.
i go in for a nurse visit on wednesday for an offical pregnancy test and then start all the paperwork. i'm soooooooo freaking happy!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

cycle 9 & 2ww

i'm currently on cycle 9 and currently in my 2 ww. i couldn't tell you what dpo i'm actually on, but after obsessing on some symptoms i would have to say i'm on dpo 18. i felt for the first time in a very long time  o pains. that day was may 7th, so i'm going with that date. this excited me to the bone!!
now that i'm in my 2 ww here is what i've been feeling:

a few cramping and tenderness on my boobs. this is all a little over week one. these are normal af symptoms for me, so was not getting too excited on these. other symptoms that i've noticed are the freaking pimples that woke up with me a few days ago. i was telling dh how i'm all of sudden hiting puberity lol.
week two, nothing big same symptoms. i still have the tender boobs and light cramping. i have been feeling a bit weird after i eat sometimes. not so much like queakiness, but like maybe i ate too much feeling. i also have been very gassy and my bm have been completely off...sorry tmi lol i know. the end of last week i've been sooo hungry, but i've changed the way i've been eating. i have stopped eating so much sweets and started jogging again a couple of weeks ago and eating smaller meals throughout the day. this week has been torture for me. i'm starving & i'm super tired!!! i get up at 4 am m-f, but never felt so sleeping so early into my work shift which is 8:30 am. the past few days i've been fighting with myself to keep my eyes open while i'm driving on the freeway. yesterday was the worst. after exiting the freeway i caught a red light off the off ramp i kid you not, i closed my eyes for a sec i thought and i nodded off. i know so dangerous and i got scared because what made me open my eyes was felling my car moving very sloooow. ok so this is very usual. oh and another symptom is, i'm getting a lot of ligament pains. i feel this when i'm getting out of my car or just getting off from the sofa or chair.

well, those are my symptoms and i'm crossing my fingers for a bfp. today i'm going to get a hpt. i think this cycle could be it. i'll keep you all posted. cross your fingers for me. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

on to cycle 8...boo!

so, af is in town again, whatever! not even in the mood to express how i feel about this. all i have to say is...I HATE YOU AF, PCOS & FIBROIDS!! *sigh*

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


i'm on cd 26 and i didn't see any signs of ovulation and i'm getting closer to yet another visit from af. boobs are sore and last night some cramping started up. i'm on a chocolate bing & i'm cranky lol. this only happens when af is arriving...ugh...