Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moving & Almost 22 Weeks.

I cant' believe that I'm almost 22 weeks this Sat. Time as really flown by so quickly! Before I know it I will be holding our baby boy or girl. Hubby is getting really excited because now he can say that his baby is almost here. He's so super happy. I love watching him talk to my belly and sing the ABCs to the baby. Daughter is starting to talk to my belly and kissing it galore. She tells the baby that she loves him or her. She is really hoping for another brother.

As far as baby stuff we haven't even consider what theme we want for the baby. I'm on the safari theme bandwagon. I just love how it looks. I think we will determine all that once we move. We are in the process of moving into my in-laws until Oct or Nov. There's nobody living there because the in-laws went back to Italy for a long while. They been gone since May and won't (maybe) be returning sometime until the end of this year. Since we really don't have room for the baby where we are now, we thought this would be good for us to move in and stash some money away. The siblings and the in-laws agreed and they're all good with it. So, we are suppose to be completely moved out by next Thurs. I'm taking Thurs. & Fri off to do last minute stuff and do my final walk through. I'm kind of sad to leave because this place was our first apt. together also the place where hubby proposed to me. Aside of the good memories we had there and the good times we had with our neighbors who became really good friends, I really won't be missing anything. Daughter will miss the pool. She learned how to swim in the pool and always looks forward to the summer. Son is looking forward to the move. Only because there is a pro skater who is well known living in the apt complex that the in-laws own next to the house.

I'm hoping with this opportunity we will buy our first house soon after the baby is born. I'm really hoping. So here's to a new year and a fresh start.


Greg and Heather said...

Its so inspiring to read these blogs of those who like me have pcos and now are pregnant! What a blessing for you and your family! Just wanted to send well wishes your way!

This is our blog of our journey!

Buttercup16 said...

I hope the move goes smoothly and you can get all settled quickly!

Kitty said...

Thanks for wishing me luck on my blog post. I think i may have O'd last night even though they thought it would happen today. we'll see. I'm staying postive!
Glad things are progressing well in your pregnancy!!! KUP!

shotzie said...

Hi Gee,

It's me, Buttercup16, I changed my screen name on the nest and I changed the url to my blog. Just wanted to let you know.

I hope the move went well!