Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Shower

I just received a call from hubby to surprise me with some news. I'm having a "surprise" baby shower! His sisters, my wonderful sister-in-laws are throwing me one, but had to tell hubby to help schedule it for this month. The funny thing about all this is how hubby blurted it out to me. You see hubby can't keep a secret if his life depends on it. So, I'm not suppose to say anything, I need to act surprised. I have to admit it got me all teary eyed. I really wasn't expecting one from anyone. I had to talk hubby out of his idea of throwing one for me. Have you ever heard of the husband throwing a baby shower for his wife? I haven't! I had to explained how tacky (for me) it would be. After several talks about it we had decided to just do a welcome baby party. We were planning on doing this about a month 1/2 after baby Cee is born.
So now that I know about this baby shower I'm not sure about the welcome baby party. I don't want those that are going to be attending to think bad. I'm really sure it's going to be mainly the ladies in his family. I really would like everyone to meet baby Cee.

Oh well I guess we will decide once baby Cee arrives.


Kitty said...

How sweet Dh's family is throwing you a shower. That's so nice. I'm really happy for you! And yeah for 1 last month of work. How nice. I'm so ready for a break as well. And I am only 13 weeks. :) HA. And I like the baby update too. Lucky for you for not gaining almost any weight. You're amazing. How'd you do it? Spill the beans! :)

Have a good night. Kitty :)

fishbaby said...

Aww a baby-welcoming party is a great idea. We were considering that too and may still do it. I hope you are well! Sounds like things are coming along!!!

fishbaby said...

Oh my gosh ~ I didn't know you were in L.A. too ~ what a small world. we'll be at Cedars Sinai - I really like it there so far! :)