Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost 1 Year

I can't believe that a year has gone by so quickly. It felt like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Then, 1 year ago yesterday I went on maternity leave and started counting the days for LC's arrival. I wish I could just freeze time so I can enjoy him a bit longer as an infant.
This year has brought so much joy and happiness just watching him grow. With my children so far apart I forgot how sweet it is to have a baby. This time around I've been very fortunate to bf this long. We're 3 weeks away from reaching our goal. Now that it's quickly approaching I have decided to continue with extend bfing. I enjoy our time, our bonding. And besides, I can continue giving him all the nutrients that he needs.

LC has now been taking a few quick steps when I let go. He's just so eager to walk. He prefers walking around the house now than crawling. We hold him by one hand and he's on the go. He is now throwing fish kisses to us and cracks up when we say awwww thank you LC.

LC loves his veggies especially broccoli. He prefers to eat on his own which I love to see.
There's something about babies feeding themselves that makes it so cute and adorable. He eats a variety of foods, he even likes salmon. I use to feed him before the rest of us, but now I make an effort to cook easy and fast meals and that are good for LC to eat with us. He loves the family time we have around the table.

In Feb. we baptized LC. This is big brother giving him a blessing. One by one family and friends
came up to LC to give him a blessing. It was really nice to see everyone come up and do their own little thing in blessing him. I think LC was tripping out more than anything.

Anyways, what a fun year. Now I have to start planning his birthday party. :)


Kitty said...

Oh my gosh a year....!!!! I can't believe it! He's gorgeous and so glad to hear everything is going so well! Keep us posted and keep up with the pics!
Congrats! So glad everything is going so great!!! :)

Kitty said...

Oh my gosh- he's 1 year and 1 day old! I honestly cannot believe it! Happy late birthday little guy!! And congrats mamma!!!