Thursday, June 30, 2011

hey there....

it's been almost a year since i have last updated my blog...shame on me!! it's been crazy between work, home and kids. i have become an old lady, i wake up super early, fall asleep where ever i sit, (doing the head nodding thing) and in bed by 8 p.m. i have to say that luch takes a lot of my sleep away. he's not a sleep through the night kind of kid. he's now 25 months old and still wakes up 2-3 times a night to nurse. yes, we're still nursing and i'm pretty amazed at myself for going this long. luch does have his good nights, once a week maaaybe twice a week where he'll wake up only once. i have thought about weening, but it's a lot harder than i thought. i've tried to not nurse him to sleep, but he cries and his face is just so breaks my heart. he'll lay his head on my check sign and he'll say "mommy, milk, milk this side" and he'll lay down in between the hub and i and smiles. that there gets me all the time and the whole weening process gets put on hold.

take a look at my luch. so different from the last pic i have posted. he now has long beautiful curls and i'm avoiding the whole "when are you cutting his hair?" question. i love love his hair and really don't want to cut it off!! this pic was taken on his 2nd birthday at the happiest place on earth, disneyland.

Since i posted a disneyland pic i might as well tell you about our first trip with luch. well, at first he was so afraid of every single ride we got him on, but towards the end of the night he started to enjoy it. he was having a ball on all the kiddie rides there and at california adventure. the best part was when luch got to meet mickey mouse. he's a big fan and loves to sing the mickey mouse club house song. when we got inside the house he was happy and calling out for mickey up until he was face to face with him. he panicked and cried, but still managed to say hi to him. while crying he shook mickey's hand, said "bye bye ickey" and threw him a kiss. that right there was the best moment, for me at least. it was like watching him overcome his fear and let me tell you luch has plenty. the next day all he talked about was mickey. we bought him a mickey mouse and he carried that with him for a week.

Aside from luch turning 2 this year my oldest son just accomplished his biggest milestone, he graduated from high school last week. it was a bittersweet moment for me, but i'm so very proud of him! now the next step is college. he'll be starting in less than 2 wks and is looking forward to the career he has been so wanting to learn, automotive technician.

as for my pretty girl, she will be entering 5th grade in sept. although she still has a couple more years in elementary, i'm just not ready for her to be a teenager. she's so lovable and sweet right now. teenagers tend to go through "teenage mood swings" lol.

hopefully i will be able to keep up with my blog. there has been so many times where i have so much to say and want to blog about, but then i get busy with something at work or home and i lose all energy. i really want to go back to blogging especially since we've have decided to have another child. :) so let the charting beginning, but not obsessively this time.

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