Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 ww

So I'm still charting and looks like i could be 14 DPO. Charting without temps is hard, at least for me. I don't get an acurate chart of when I O'd so trying to figure it out is kind of frustrating. I'm thinking if this month isn't it then I will begin to take my temp again. We've been BDing like crazy, but the last few cycles has been a BFN. I'm beginning to feel a bit disappointed. Disappointed because this can probably take another 3 yrs. The first year that luch was born we avoid it and then the beginning of the 2nd year we were like let's not avoid and let's see how it plays out, but nothing. Now we're on a mission and still nothing...ugh not going so good. I can only be positive. I wish I could be those women who just get pregnant just by being looked at lol.

I've been having some cramping on and off since last week. boobies are tender, but this could be because I'm not nursing much as before. Tired, but it's because I wake up at 4 am everyday to get my oldest son up for school. I make lunch for everyone and I sit in front of this computer, so I blame this on myself. Today I'm going to stop by the .99 store and pick up a HPT and see if it will be 1 line or 2 lines tomorrow.


Kitty said...

OMG--- we're TTC next baby also! So glad to see we're in this together!
I'm also on ivillage msg boards if intersted. :)

gee said...

yay!!! so glad to hear that i have a ttc buddy :). hope this or next cycle will be the one for you. i'll look you up. nice hearing from you.