Saturday, March 14, 2009

1st Baby Purchase

I went to Babies R Us today and I made my biggest baby purchase today. I bought this 3-1 bassinet for baby Cee to be in for the first few months. This bassinet is pretty neat. It's a full-sized bassinet, moses basket and a changing table. It got a lot of great reviews so I'm sure I will be happy with it once baby Cee is in it. 
We have decided to go with a bassinet because 1. our room isn't that big to fit a crib 2. we're only living at the in-law's for a short time (hopefully) and 3. I want to be able to move around from one room to another. 
This bassinet is very lite and really cute. I can't wait to put it together already. 
While I was at BRU I also bought some little outfits. Today's shopping was just baby. Baby Cee's wardrobe is expanding and I'm so happy!!! I was feeling a little bad for not being ready, but little by little I'm getting there. Next purchase is going to be the carseat and stroller. 

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