Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cycle 7 and nothing

since i started charting back in july i haven't had any good charts. i'm now on cycle 7 and it's getting pretty frustrating. last cycle sucked really bad. af started off pretty heavy and awful. found out last month that i have a few fibroids sitting on the right side of my uterus and one good size on my bladder. geez first pcos and now fibroids...eek! after hearing this it depressed me that i cried for a few days. thought about how much harder it's going to be. another road block. i've know about these suckers, but never read about them until now. i'm not ready to give up my uterus, so i decided to deal with the flare ups and take it like a champ. this cycle was normal and pain free which i can say it was a happy period :). according to fertility friend my ovulation days is next week monday, tuesday & wednesday, but that can be misleading for a girl in my condition. ha let's see how this cycle plays out.


Kitty said...

Thinking of you and hoping you have a predicted O day next week! Sorry to hear you have fibroids...what a pain in the butt. Looks like we're both TTC together again! Go catch up on me when you can and I'll look through your older posts too!

:) Kitty

gee said...

hey kitty, thanks! :) i was on your blog a couple of weeks ago. crossing my fingers for you both. a couple more weeks to go.