Tuesday, January 15, 2013

38 wks...i'm full term!!

i can finally say that i'm full term. turned 38 wks yesterday and only 2 more wks to go if any. i can honestly say that i'm super excited, but nervous. i know i know this is my 4th child, but every birth has been differenct for me. this baby has been super active and i'm loving every movement he/she is having. we're still undecided on a boy's name. we just can't make up our minds. 
i've been feeling a lot more braxton hicks and my back is killing me!!! i mentioned before that this baby is very well snugged up my right side, therefore only my right side of my back hurts. 

i've been off of work for 2 wks now and instead of relaxing i've been doing nothing but errands with the in-laws and what not. i've also been having car problems since the christmas week. dealing with that has added some stress because we need my car to bring home baby. i haven't really had time to do a anything baby related which sucks!! this week will be an overwhelming weekend for me because it's crunch time. the hubs is on call, so he will not be much help unless he's home :(

oh well let's see how the next couple of weeks go. hope this baby can stay put until then. would really like to be "baby ready". 


Kitty said...

You look terrific and beautiful! I cannot wait to hear more about your baby and you!@ You're so close! You 38wks and me 34. :) Keep the updates coming. I'll be checking back! :) Take care and hope your car starts working better. :) Kitty

gee said...

thanks kitty!! :) still here and growing by the minute lol. this baby just does not want to come i guess.

p.s. got my car back and so far so good.