Wednesday, March 14, 2012

on to cycle!

so, af is in town again, whatever! not even in the mood to express how i feel about this. all i have to say is...I HATE YOU AF, PCOS & FIBROIDS!! *sigh*


Kitty said...

I'm really sorry this cycle wasn't the one. I know how disappointing it is. Hang in there and HUGS!!! Are you willing to do meds? Or are you taking something? I don't know much about fibroids....sorry.

PS- thanks for the comment on my blog post! :)

gee said...

thanks for the hug it was much needed. :)

Not taking anything for the fibroids. there really isn't anything for me to take. as for meds, i would love to if it will help get me knocked up lol.

you're welcome :)

Andrea said...

awww Hello "Gee"
I answered to your comment about the yummy bread on the Blog about school lunches .. and then I clicked on your name and saw your Blog, I have PCOS too! IT SUCKS!
Will find out in 2 days if I have to get a cyst surgerical removed ... Been trying for a baby over 3 years now
If you ever wanna talk Im here!

gee said...

awww...thank you for responding to my question about the bread. it looks so darn good lol.

pcos sucks indeed! i have been blessed with 3 kids, but it's been a struggle. i'm coming up on cycle 10 and nothing has really changed. been ttc for 2 yrs now. every month i cross my fingers, but the min i get af symptoms it depresses me and i lose all hope lol.

i hope that everything will turn out good for you. i'll have you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you get that bfp you so long for.

thank you andrea!! if you ever need someone as well, i'm here too. :)

gee said...

hahaha andrea i thought you had the recipe. if you get it before me, please send it my way. :)