Saturday, May 26, 2012

cycle 9 & 2ww

i'm currently on cycle 9 and currently in my 2 ww. i couldn't tell you what dpo i'm actually on, but after obsessing on some symptoms i would have to say i'm on dpo 18. i felt for the first time in a very long time  o pains. that day was may 7th, so i'm going with that date. this excited me to the bone!!
now that i'm in my 2 ww here is what i've been feeling:

a few cramping and tenderness on my boobs. this is all a little over week one. these are normal af symptoms for me, so was not getting too excited on these. other symptoms that i've noticed are the freaking pimples that woke up with me a few days ago. i was telling dh how i'm all of sudden hiting puberity lol.
week two, nothing big same symptoms. i still have the tender boobs and light cramping. i have been feeling a bit weird after i eat sometimes. not so much like queakiness, but like maybe i ate too much feeling. i also have been very gassy and my bm have been completely off...sorry tmi lol i know. the end of last week i've been sooo hungry, but i've changed the way i've been eating. i have stopped eating so much sweets and started jogging again a couple of weeks ago and eating smaller meals throughout the day. this week has been torture for me. i'm starving & i'm super tired!!! i get up at 4 am m-f, but never felt so sleeping so early into my work shift which is 8:30 am. the past few days i've been fighting with myself to keep my eyes open while i'm driving on the freeway. yesterday was the worst. after exiting the freeway i caught a red light off the off ramp i kid you not, i closed my eyes for a sec i thought and i nodded off. i know so dangerous and i got scared because what made me open my eyes was felling my car moving very sloooow. ok so this is very usual. oh and another symptom is, i'm getting a lot of ligament pains. i feel this when i'm getting out of my car or just getting off from the sofa or chair.

well, those are my symptoms and i'm crossing my fingers for a bfp. today i'm going to get a hpt. i think this cycle could be it. i'll keep you all posted. cross your fingers for me. :)

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