Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come Out, Come Out Baby Cee

First, here are a few pictures of us from our maternity session taken last month. We finally got to see them and they all came out so adorable and funny. Our niece has taken up photography and she takes really good pictures. We really loved all of them. She's such an amazing person that all she wants to do is take pictures of baby Cee when he's born. We had so much fun doing this. We had mostly his entire family watching the session. It did make it a lot easier for us to be more ourselves.

 So as of now we're just waiting for baby Cee to born. I went in for my 39 wk this morning and my NMV told me I show no progress. I was disappointed to hear that because I swear I feel my cervix expanding. So with that bad news came with some really bad pains from her trying to reach my cervix. I have a very high cervix and she just couldn't reach the darn thing. I literally had tears coming out! She even started to flick on my cervix like it was nothing...OUCH! She did mention that she doesn't think that baby Cee will be coming out before due date. I have another NST next Wednesday so we will see what happens. I'm really hoping that I will go into labor on my own because I really don't want to be induced.  

 One more for fun, this is cousin Ruggerio, he's so much fun.
Pictures taken at 36w1d.


G & H said...

Great pics!!!

Kitty said...

Fab pics!!! I want some! Send your family member our way!! Those are really great! And you can keep forever! How nice!
I'm glad to have found this update. Sounds as if baby Cee is comfy! :) Hope things progress on their own and you don't have to be induced. i don't want to be induced either! KMP! and thanks again for being excited about our baby Girl Lolly! You always make me smile! :) Kitty