Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily Routine

A week and 2 days later and things couldn't be better. I can't believe that my little boy has been born for a little over a week now. He's so much fun especially when he's awake. I love every little thing about him. He has adjusted very well in these last few days. He sleeps good and nurses even better. We begin our daily routine at 7:30  a.m. when I have to take the kids to school now that hubby returned to work. Since Luciano's last feeding is usually around 4-5 a.m. he stays asleep until we get back around 8:30 a.m. Then after getting home it's diaper & feeding time. After he's finished we stare at each other for about a half an hour. Then about almost 10:00 he falls asleep for about 3 hours. When he wakes up we play for about 10-15 mins before feeding and then another diaper change. After that he stays up for about an hour and before going back to sleep there's another diaper change. I usually fall asleep at that time for about another 3 hours to catch up. Before we pick up the kids from school we do a quick feeding and another diaper change. One thing that Luciano does a lot is shart. Sometimes after I change his diaper he sharts and I have do another diaper change. 
Anyways, after getting home we finish up on feeding and he'll stay up and Elise will play with him for a little bit. He'll go back to sleep until after dinner and we'll do 2 more feeding before the end of the night is over. During the middle of the night he'll have 1 feeding and that's usually around 4-5 a.m. So I have no complaints about little one he's doing great! 

This picture was taken last Sat. and it's my favorite. 


Beth said...

He is such a cute baby!

shotzie said...

He's so cute! I want to pinch his cheeks! :)

Glad to hear everything is going well!

Kitty said...

Sounds wonderful and you sound so organized and on a schedule! I'm going to need your help when baby V comes. :) Glad all is going so well! Thinking of you!

fishbaby said...

I hope you're doing well! Babies can be such a handful!

Julybride_07 said...

He is sooo cute!!!! Congrats!!!!