Friday, May 1, 2009

Officially On Maternity Leave.

It feels good to not worry about going into work and dealing with the stress. These last few days I've been over stressed. I had to do a lot of follow ups and I needed to close some files. I barely had time to scratch my ass. Last week work gave me a surprised baby shower and it was so much fun. I got a lot of cute boy stuff. The minute I got home I took the tags off and washed them all. Hubby put up the bassinet and we set up all of the necessities that baby Cee is going to be using. I'm getting excited!!!

Well anyways I leave you with a belly shot. This was taken last weekend at 37w1d. I was getting ready for bed. 


Kitty said...

Oh chica, how wonderful that you're on maternity leave now!! HORRAY! That's fabulous! I'm wondering if I'll want to start my leave close to my due date or so, maybe 2 days later! :) Anyway, enjoy your time! You're so close I can't believe it! You look great! You'll have to give us one more run down of your pregnancy stats! Please keep us posted on any upcoming baby news! i wish you the best in everything. What are your delivery hopes? Remind me... :)
Have a wonderful weekend and start of your maternity leave! Congrats!
Kitty :)

shotzie said...

You're looking great! I love that top, it's really cute. Yay for being on maternity leave!

Kitty said...

Thanks for your comments on Lolly! :) I've been thinking of you and wondering if baby Cee had come yet. I guess not yet...although it won't be long! Please keep me posted! I can't wait to hear and see your baby!!
:) Kitty